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"Colicky" is the new Mini-LP by acclaimed cult independent band Self Defense Family. A dark, roiling post-punk gem written during a time of personal turmoil, "Colicky" is the group's jagged, unflinching look at the disintegration of love and intimacy. The result is a tight and eclectic mini-LP that ranges from cerebrality and coolness to measured chaos.

"Colicky" is the second in the Iron Pier record label's mini-LP series. It will be released on digital formats and black and colored vinyl. The vinyl edition is pressed on two-sided 45rpm 12" vinyl, with all vinyl colorways inserted into beautiful packaging that includes spot-UV designs on the outer sleeve, a series-specific OBI strip, and a printed inner sleeve.

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released September 9, 2016


all rights reserved



Self Defense Family Cohoes, New York

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Track Name: Staying Current
Agonized over small decisions
Grease fire burst when you left the kitchen
Watched wild parrots from the balcony
Watched French film 'cause you're sharper than me

A small home, a yard with lilacs
Debated your lips, dwelled on your chest
Offered tutorial, then made it a test
Healthy or dark, you wanted partnership
Healthy or dark, I wanted no part of it

A small home, a yard with lilacs
Haunted home, a yard with dead grass
I have a need to control, and you love to be told
I have a need to step on, and you love to clean soles
Nailed yourself to the tile, you're fully committed
You'll be there awhile. Maybe I'll drop in.
Track Name: All True At the Same Time
I wanted a sick thing, and you arrived
They call that fortune. Let's keep things fun
I prefer upsetting, and you obliged
They call that danger. Let's keep things fun
I wanted a change, you wanted black eyes
They call that kink. Let's keep things fun
I was feeling a loss, you're always feeling that loss
They call that kismet. Let's keep things fun.
Blackout curtains, and "Carry the Zero"
Thought sad was sexy, but I think a lot of things
Shoplifting for sport, and smashing new phones
Thought wild was thrilling, but I think a lot of things
Pulling out angrily, and driving aimlessly
Thought crisis was compelling, but I think a lot of things
On the patio, facedown, and worrying constantly
Thought police calls were for me, but I think a lot of things

I've given it careful consideration. I hate anything more serious than quick validation.
I'm here for a good time. Conversation and dinner
I leave once it's over. I disappoint most people
I'm here for a good time. Warmth and laughter
I'm gone once it's over. I disappoint most people
I'm here for a good time. Motels and zip ties
I'm gone once it's over. I disappoint most people
I'm here for a good time. Mostly your youth
I'm gone once it's over. I disappoint most people.
Track Name: It Isn't Very Clear, Is It?
Is it?
Track Name: Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile
I start before you pick up. I'm asking for permission
To record some songs about us. To recall some things that happened
You offered a helpful context, "it didn't take place on an island"
I say, "you need to separate the ill from the illness"
You tell me, "it's not so simple. Depression is part and parcel"
and you're sick to death of cures for you as a person
I say, "that's probably truth. But I could've used some clues
long before I got invested." You reply, "I telegraphed it."
Daily tears since I met you, and that's not a romantic gesture.
True mess, that's my nature. And I guess that's what thrilled you.
You wanted it until it bit you. Then you ran like it chased you."

I say, "I have a nature too."
And you end with, "yes, I know."
Sickness excites. Until it's close enough to bite.
There's distinct appeal. Until you're beneath its wheels.
A true attraction. Until what comes after.

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